Our Services

Bulk Email/SMS/Voice Calls

Get the Cheapest price for bulk email and sms. Get introduced to millions of Audiences at Once. Price Starts from as low as 0.02 paisa/email or sms. Software analysed Calls to your clients for your brand introduction and regular updates. We have Special for Political Parties, Political and Social Campaigns.

In Search/Website/App Ads

Get Your Business listed in various search engines. If someone searches even a keyword about your business Your Name will be shown at Top. E.G. If you have medicine shop and someone typing a drug name or simply medicine he/she will end up getting your business address. We all know that a normal person visits at about 10-20 websites and apps based on his/her interest. Based on that data 1000s of websites and apps are accessed in every specific area everyday. So we can show your business ad there. It will help you get more personalized customers to your business.

YouTube Ads

All of us seen ads before or in between youtube videos. So here we are these plans too. Wanna promote your brand or business with audio and video which expresses more about you and your Business. Up to 5 Secs ads are non skip-able. You can show how you offer your business to thousands of business in just few clicks away.

We have special software based algorithms to capture market as per your business demand. We just don't play ads for you we incorporate your business into ads just like real story is being played in front of targeted public.

We are always keen to bring you latest and cheapest technology which suits your budgets. We offer so cheap rates that even with 500 rupees you can display in a whole state.